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On behalf of our professional family, welcome to our website. We hope the time you spend here will give you an idea of the caliber of work we perform and the standards to which we hold ourselves.

While you’re here, you can use the bar across the top of the site to make yourself familiar with client relationships we’ve developed over the past five decades, some of the industries that we have honed an unparalleled level of experience in during that time, the professional experience and contact information for each of our employees, as well as some useful business and tax tools we hope you’ll take advantage of.

Since 1968, we’ve worked hard to establish a reputation for expert-level tax and business planning at the most competitive prices, and we’ve been fortunate to serve clients in nearly every industry. Our track record of effective, thorough work has resulted in the best client relationships we could hope for, spanning multiple generations and endeavors. We take great pride in the number of professional journeys we’ve been a part of during the last 45 years. One of our biggest rewards is helping to put business dreams into motion and watching our clients reap the rewards of the hard work and planning we’ve done together. We’ve been fortunate to experience those types of success stories again and again.

We understand that you’ve likely come here as a newer business owner in search of an accounting firm that shares the values you strive to incorporate into your own work, or as a business owner who may be unsatisfied with your current CPA relationship. In either case, we want to give you an open, honest look at who we are and how we can work together with you. Of course we understand that you may have further questions, and we invite any correspondence that might help you make a decision about how we can best serve you.

Part of what sets us apart in a world of big box, impersonal accounting firms is our effort to develop relationships with our clients so that we can work with them in any way they prefer. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of our professional staff or to contact me directly at Thank you for taking the time to visit our site.

Harold Elkins, CPA


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